Surprised in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Surprised

1. Frank himself was surprised and puzzled. 🔊

2. Nor was she surprised at what had happened. 🔊

3. He was surprised to find it no longer there. 🔊

4. He had also learned some things that surprised him. 🔊

5. Canby raised a politely surprised eyebrow. 🔊

6. He looked round at the heavy surprised faces. 🔊

7. He was more surprised than I, and also rather hurt. 🔊

8. I shouldn't be surprised if she went off her head. 🔊

9. It was not so much the beauty, as the grandeur that surprised me. 🔊

10. I was surprised to see that she looked happy, though very tired. 🔊

11. I, for my part, was surprised at the absence of many common things. 🔊

12. Patricia was very much amused and surprised to see that Constance had her way. 🔊

13. I was so surprised by all this scene that I had not been able to say a word. 🔊

14. Both Randy and Pep were surprised at this statement and told Frank so. 🔊

How to use Surprised in Sentences?

1. I am quite surprised to find from your last letter that you had not received mine. 🔊

2. It would never have surprised me had she ordered us down to clean up the court for her. 🔊

3. I was not surprised to learn that my startling telegram had aroused no little skepticism. 🔊

4. It was a sight that surprised me; for a most desolate prison-cell could not have been darker. 🔊

5. We have already surprised ourselves no less than we have confounded our enemies by our rally and our readiness. 🔊

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