Sweet in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sweet

1. But that sweet country face! 🔊

2. Thoughts fierce and sweet flew through his mind. 🔊

3. A revenge consummated through love were sweet indeed. 🔊

4. Clara did not blush, nor did her sweet face change. 🔊

5. Now, sweet one, your name? 🔊

6. At the University he lived a sweet and gracious life. 🔊

7. And the sweet winding Tweed the distance crowned well. 🔊

8. Look up, my sweet Mrs. Brulgruddery! 🔊

9. Her eyes were usually very sweet and soft and her mouth delightful. 🔊

10. Elinor looked as sweet as ever and Bruce, of course, was just as he should be. 🔊

11. Pandanus grows there, but they can't grow sweet potatoes nor taro. 🔊

How to use Sweet in Sentences?

1. Do you want your home to look sweet and clean and comfortable, or dirty, careless and unpleasant? 🔊

2. Oh, Susy, you sweet little biographer, you break my old heart with your gentle charities! 🔊

3. She had just that amount of self-possession which conceals without conquering the sweet timidity of woman. 🔊

4. Though it is certainly very sweet of her to be so generous," she said thoughtfully. 🔊

5. Oh my son, I'll give you a sweet wife, that you'll adore, Phanocrata's, our neighbor's daughter. 🔊

6. And truly it did seem impossible to unsettle that sweet gravity of hers, though it often unsettled mine. 🔊

7. With long days in the open air and also with considerable fatigue to undergo, you craved for the sustenance of sweet things. 🔊

8. She looked very sweet as she came towards him, her eyes raised to him, her face full of the one happiness. 🔊

9. The conversation fell; but the sweet meadow seemed to induce confidences, and they were so happy in their youth and the sorcery of the sunshine. 🔊

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