Symbolism in a sentence

Definition of Symbolism

Representation of a concept through symbols or underlying meanings of objects or qualities. [from between 1645 and 1655.] | (obsolete) A combining together of parts or ingredients.

How to use Symbolism in a Sentence?

  • You should not lose sight of the psychic symbolism of this much slandered and despised insect.
  • The symbolism or picture sees things as they look at the moment the picture is taken.
  • Who does not know the symbolism of the cathedrals, and the vagaries to which it has given rise?
  • But it is chiefly by its symbolism that it has laid hold of the Christian mind.
  • It undoubtedly has high symbolic value; but the symbolism might be expressed in many other ways.
  • I traced this figure idly on the sand today, and suddenly understood the symbolism of the scarab.
  • There was a recrudescence of Pythagoreanism, with its attendant symbolism and mysticism.
  • It turned away, too, from the pillar of cloud, of which the symbolism began to seem deceptive.
  • We hear it not unfrequently asserted that symbolism or personification should not be introduced in painting at all.
  • At the same time there is something too impressive in the mass for any perfunctory performance to divest its symbolism of sublimity.
  • Suspended animation finds no fuller symbolism than the sculptor here presents to us in abstract form.
  • These are sacramental in their solemn symbolism, that in the solemnest symbolism and the holiest reality.
  • In such passages we are still on the level of symbolism, and philosophy only begins when symbolism has been surpassed.
  • After lunch, he was a little more communicative and he then asked her if she had ever thought on the grace and symbolism of a vase.
  • It is true that the symbolism of two allegorists is varied, but a common spirit and aim underlie their interpretations.
  • Were it not for the blizzard we might fail to know so well the comforting symbolism of firelight at play upon clean hearths.
  • The importance of the cardinal points in primitive symbolism appears to me to have been very great, and has not as yet been fully realized.
  • He seemed able to talk of nothing but the symbolism of the group, finding many points in it which had escaped me entirely.
  • They are not "devices" or abbreviations, in any sense that does not attach to such symbolism as all thought involves.
  • The unicorn and virgin, with a hunter in pursuit, is quite a favourite bit of symbolism in the middle ages.
  • He can understand and feel sympathy; feels the symbolism of nature; and can obey a self-denying motive.
  • But the whole body of meaning in the old Egyptian symbolism rushed over him with a force that shook his heart.
  • Washo peyotism has incorporated much of the curing emphasis of Washo shamanism and much of the symbolism as well.
  • In short, the systems of symbolism were probably made after the facts, to account for practices whose origin was obscure.
  • There may be as many special languages, as many attitudes, and as much playfulness and subtlety of symbolism as in human intercourse.
  • Symbolism is of immense importance in mysticism; indeed, symbolism and mythology are, as it were, the language of the mystic.
  • The middle lines put symbolic descriptions of old age; the lines indented on the left drop the symbolism and speak in plain terms.

Short Example Sentence for Symbolism

  • The imperial symbolism did not stop here.
  • Yet he did not refrain the touch of symbolism even here.
  • But, in truth symbolism is the mark of an infirm mind.
  • The nature of this symbolism must, then, be determined.
  • This explains the use of the symbolism which is so marked here.
  • The elucidation of symbolism is in the laws of the association of ideas.
  • People talk of symbolism as if it were a very high and exalted thing.
  • If the two of them were not conversing upon the symbolism of religious art!
  • When the vision faded he took refuge in symbolism or literality.
  • Its pregnant symbolism has taken its rise in the most natural manner.
  • Men of thoughtful temper will do well to heed the symbolism of this incident.
  • I shall now endeavour to explain the symbolism and dedication of the Rose.
  • A Treatise on the Symbolism and Mythology of the Red Race of America.

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