Tempestuous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Tempestuous

1. A day of tempestuous wind and rain. 🔊

2. Ay, a tempestuous sea of baleful calamities. 🔊

3. Fear not the tempestuous gales, O Mariner! 🔊

4. I lay through a night of tempestuous wind with the open window at my head. 🔊

5. It fears neither cold nor tempestuous winds nor icy solitudes. 🔊

6. Her fair hair, having come undone, is waving lightly in the tempestuous wind. 🔊

How to use Tempestuous in Sentences?

1. What has rendered the winds so tempestuous that they must needs blow down our noble ship? 🔊

2. Were they not going off alone together to a lonely life, across a tempestuous sea? 🔊

3. They call it tempestuous affection beforehand, but it comes to a plain jerk in the end. 🔊

4. Even tempestuous and rainy weather, though melancholy enough, is never sordid here. 🔊

5. Something of the old tempestuous ardor was gone, but that, of course, was natural. 🔊

6. Here were enacted some of the most stirring stories and tempestuous times in American history. 🔊

7. First there is the distant electric bell and the tempestuous whirl of Johanna down the passage. 🔊

8. The weather was so tempestuous that it required fifteen days to reach the harbor of Tripoli. 🔊

9. He had had a tempestuous September passage across the ocean and dreaded the return voyage. 🔊

10. We rounded Cape St. John, amid tempestuous gales and giant seas of the polar regions. 🔊

11. It was in an almost tempestuous tone that she made me observe that we were not living in the fifteenth century. 🔊

12. The tempo then quickens and the two themes so far heard are worked up into a brief but tempestuous fugue. 🔊

13. However, he seems as impetuous and tempestuous as you, so perhaps it doesn't matter. 🔊