Thick in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Thick

1. They were thick as anything. 🔊

2. I come from the thick of the fight. 🔊

3. Suddenly the woman spoke in a thick voice. 🔊

4. The atmosphere was fairly thick with brotherly love. 🔊

5. The presents lie thick as autumn leaves. 🔊

6. His fists were clenched, his tone thick with passion. 🔊

7. The other bank of the stream was covered by a thick growth of bushes. 🔊

8. His beard was white and thick and hung far down on his breast. 🔊

9. His thick black beard has never yet been touched by a razor. 🔊

10. Two or three wrappings of thick brown paper lay over the contents of the box. 🔊

11. Her thick brown hair was unfastened, and fell over her shoulders. 🔊

12. We can't miss them in this narrow place, no matter how thick it gets. 🔊

How to use Thick in Sentences?

1. So thick is the skin, that a bayonet is almost the only weapon which can pierce it. 🔊

2. His thick white hair is shoved back and held together by a large circular comb. 🔊

3. Byrne saw by the undisturbed patches of thick dust on the floor that there had been no struggle in that room. 🔊

4. It seemed as if they would batter his roof in, and they came so thick that the stable and corral could be seen only indistinctly. 🔊

5. It was protected by steep rocks and overshadowed by a thick copse of oaks and chestnuts, so as to be sheltered and almost concealed. 🔊

6. I was sorry we did not see it by night, for the thick column of smoke that rises out of it, then looks red and fiery. 🔊

7. The snow was fluttering down, but towards morning this had changed to a drizzling rain, and the air was thick and murky. 🔊

8. Then pull out your stick and you have a thick chunk or cylinder of bread, not quite so tough as a gun-barrel, but substantial! 🔊

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