Thoughtful in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Thoughtful

1. Menard was thoughtful during the evening meal. 🔊

2. They were thoughtful as they crept between the sheets. 🔊

3. Nor can it be so considered by any thoughtful mind. 🔊

4. Sheen looked thoughtful at the conclusion of the fight. 🔊

5. I now returned to town thoughtful and crestfallen. 🔊

6. Drummond looked a little thoughtful as he put the ball in. 🔊

7. How thoughtful a little adversity makes one. 🔊

8. She took deep, thoughtful counsel of her heart. 🔊

9. With a thoughtful air he passed the telegram to Hiram. 🔊

10. Ah, that's thoughtful of him. 🔊

11. That's why he settled everything so thoughtful and kind. 🔊

12. The four men on the floor looked unhappy under his thoughtful eye. 🔊

13. He said it half to me and half to himself in a curiously, thoughtful way. 🔊

14. He is a very quiet, thoughtful young man of about two or three and thirty. 🔊

15. The young aviator left the Interstate plant very thoughtful and serious. 🔊

How to use Thoughtful in Sentences?

1. Her style of writing is enough to captivate both the thoughtful and the careless. 🔊

2. We were sitting around her after supper; and she had fallen into a very thoughtful mood. 🔊

3. The old man had the thoughtful wrinkle between his bushy eyebrows that always boded trouble. 🔊

4. He was a thoughtful man, somewhat melancholy in disposition, and the author of a poem on suicide. 🔊

5. He was a tall, intelligent-looking man with a rather craggy face and thoughtful brown eyes. 🔊

6. The thoughtful Grimshaw had provided these at the last moment of the departure of the biplane. 🔊

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