Thriving in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Thriving

1. It is a thriving and rising place. 🔊

2. This is indispensable for the thriving of the cattle. 🔊

3. To-day it is a very thriving industry. 🔊

4. It has a thriving colony of Jews. 🔊

5. The University seems to be in a more thriving Way. 🔊

6. The Dutch West India Company was in a thriving condition. 🔊

7. A variety of thriving industries belong to this far-off colony. 🔊

8. A very pleasant picture of a thriving emigrant's home. 🔊

9. But then the Mayor is a thriving man, and has a wife to look after him. 🔊

10. On the African coast already exists a thriving and prosperous Republic. 🔊

How to use Thriving in Sentences?

1. There are men who live by it and women to whom it constitutes a thriving trade. 🔊

2. The gambler did a thriving business through the notoriety the affair had given him. 🔊

3. They are at present driving a thriving trade by selling us part of the roofs of their houses. 🔊

4. He had hunger cramps now, but he tested a plastic cube with a thriving biological culture in it. 🔊

5. They lie in the young corn, which is very thick and thriving here as on the field of Waterloo. 🔊

6. They were ruled by an Indian named Captain John, and a thriving Mohawk settlement was thus begun. 🔊

7. But intermingled with its thriving crafts and trades is another wealth of historic associations and natural beauties. 🔊

8. Our few cattle were thriving among the herds of our neighbors, to whom we made over our stock of prairie hay. 🔊