Thumb in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Thumb

1. He jerked his thumb in the direction of camp. 🔊

2. She cocked her thumb and crooked her index finger. 🔊

3. Third week, clasping with fingers, not with thumb (245). 🔊

4. He went up on Little Thumb Butte. 🔊

5. There were thumb marks and smears where nothing should have been. 🔊

6. I slash my thumb on a can o' condensed cream. 🔊

7. He sucked his bleeding thumb and tried the base of the cellar stairs. 🔊

8. Then the thumb of the hand did something to the big nerves behind my ear. 🔊

9. Let them quit the hands over the first finger, the thumb on them. 🔊

10. Lew put his thumb on the line and raised the tip of his rod higher. 🔊

11. I hated him, but held on to his thumb tight for half a minute. 🔊

12. I had my thumb in a man's eye, and the bastard bit me! 🔊

13. Author of "The Red Thumb Mark," "The Eye of Osiris," etc. 🔊

How to use Thumb in Sentences?

1. He elevated his thumb as he spoke, and the cowboys gazed at it as if hypnotized. 🔊

2. There was some noise, but not much, as he pushed the frame up evenly, with a thumb at each side. 🔊

3. Twelfth week, eighty-fourth day, contra-position of thumb reflexive (245, 246). 🔊

4. The Duc de Coislin, however, had managed to put his thumb out of joint by this leap. 🔊

5. He called in Felix, chief surgeon of the King, who soon put the thumb to rights. 🔊

6. At the foot of Little Thumb Butte a lengthening semicircle of fire flared through the night. 🔊

7. The two Indians stopped before Kut-le, and Alchise jerked a thumb at the stranger. 🔊