Timely in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Timely

1. It was timely formed. 🔊

2. How timely had it broken. 🔊

3. It was only your timely arrival that saved him. 🔊

4. The timely threat had the desired effect. 🔊

5. It was the serving boy who gave us the timely warning. 🔊

6. The criticism was timely when De Morgan wrote it. 🔊

7. And he made a gesture descriptive of a successful and timely arrival. 🔊

8. Mrs Pansey had a genius for making mischief by a timely word. 🔊

9. Kind and generous, he often remembers Mrs. Johnson and sends her timely aid. 🔊

How to use Timely in Sentences?

1. But she was getting the worst of the argument and the bell was a timely diversion. 🔊

2. It paid him well for the very timely and valuable services which he was able to render it. 🔊

3. By this timely assistance, she was got off again, without receiving any damage. 🔊

4. There was nothing for Truxton to do but to accept the timely help of his rival. 🔊

5. He looked at Farnol Greer, whose timely shouting and attack had practically quelled the rising. 🔊

6. Let us go for lunch, said he and I followed gladly for I felt it was a timely call. 🔊

7. When the throat becomes husky or weak it is a timely warning from nature that it needs rest and relaxation. 🔊

8. Some of it was drawn from the notebooks of his years of wandering, but the greater part dealt with more timely topics. 🔊

9. He recognised it as one of those sent up the estuary to keep watch and to give timely notice of the approach of an enemy. 🔊

10. They crowded around the priest, too, and shook his hand and were grateful for his timely assistance. 🔊

11. It might be much more timely for them to circulate photographs showing the horrors and atrocities of human sacrifice in this most audacious war. 🔊