Touched in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Touched

1. Then she touched him on the arm. 🔊

2. And he touched his wounded arm. 🔊

3. My discourse both touched and excited him. 🔊

4. I was touched almost into tears. 🔊

5. When touched it bit viciously. 🔊

6. The spontaneous tribute touched her. 🔊

7. There seemed not a string that was not touched by fire. 🔊

8. He seemed rather touched and distressed. 🔊

9. She touched the spring in the side of the secretary. 🔊

10. He leaned forward and touched a spring. 🔊

11. He touched the wallet of money with his elbow. 🔊

12. Most people were deeply touched by the sad story. 🔊

13. Here a key-note was touched that roused the whole company. 🔊

14. Sir Henry touched him on the shoulder. 🔊

15. She spoke gently, for his tone more than his words had touched her sympathy. 🔊

16. She showed him the small bag by her side upon the seat, and touched her cloak. 🔊

17. Baby was asleep; and I think she was touched by the actual sight of him. 🔊

How to use Touched in Sentences?

1. Their leaves rustled gently as they were touched by the breeze, and that was all. 🔊

2. He touched with his fingers a box of cigarettes which stood upon the tea-table. 🔊

3. So he merely bent low over the hand that lay in his, raised it, and touched his lips to that. 🔊

4. There was such artificiality in the wax-flower lady that nothing in this speech touched Renouard. 🔊

5. It is as if a needle touched with the loadstone were sensible of and pleased with its turning toward the north. 🔊