Triumph in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Triumph

1. What a triumph for the shrimps! 🔊

2. Let men be brave and triumph in your name. 🔊

3. She consented, and I went back in triumph to Fatima. 🔊

4. He entered Caracas in triumph August 6, 1813. 🔊

5. In triumph o'er his closing eye. 🔊

6. He brought political art to the last triumph of naturalness. 🔊

7. He stood with bowed head, lest the triumph in his eyes offend her. 🔊

How to use Triumph in Sentences?

1. He has now but to fly to complete his triumph and the pride of our house in him. 🔊

2. There was a forlorn kind of triumph at having at length become her exclusive possessor. 🔊

3. The enemy saw and with fiendish yells of triumph swarmed upon and over the pieces. 🔊

4. Then Nora in triumph showed the two dimples where the fairy queen had kissed her. 🔊

5. The British people must triumph over themselves before they can break the Germans. 🔊

6. The triumph of standing before Alice Yorke and offering her the reward of his endeavor was gone. 🔊

7. In the meantime Clive led Meer Jaffier in triumph to Moorshedabad, and installed him as nabob. 🔊

8. But the personal aspect of his triumph was far more imposing in 1918 than it could possibly have been in 1916. 🔊

9. The yell of triumph and joy which arose from the walls of the fortress seemed to turn my blood into liquid fire. 🔊

10. Hence, we do not oppose the shield of faith to his argument; we hold it in triumph over his exploded sophism. 🔊

11. The object of these fierce combats was to capture and bind the bear, and to carry him in triumph from the scene of action! 🔊

12. I determined to publish the poem myself; and to have my triumph over the booksellers, when it should become the fashion of the day. 🔊

13. It had been a triumph of personality, one of those rare dramatic occasions when the right man and the appointed time come together. 🔊