Trying in a sentence

Definition of Trying

Difficult to endure; arduous. | Irritating, stressful or bothersome. | present participle of try

How to use Trying in a Sentence?

  • To perform invidious tasks of this sort must be the most trying feature of generalship.
  • He roused himself presently, and went on trying to remember whither he was going.
  • Imagine trying to get our food, our clothing and our shelter materials right near our school.
  • Henceforth, without ever trying to resist, he went every afternoon to the house where she lived.
  • He was with me on my last visit to Bermuda, and to-day we were trying to remember when it was.
  • I don't s'pose, now, that you girls are reely in earnest about trying to keep the place?
  • A Russian had been caught in the act of trying to blow up the Thorn railway bridge.
  • Enrietter had been told not to wait up for me, and excess of devotion can be as trying as excess of neglect.
  • I inquired, falling on my knees before the crevice, and trying to catch a glimpse of the victim of an accident.
  • At earliest dawn each of the two floors is covered with about a hundred and seventy-five prostrate forms of officers who have been trying to sleep.
  • He was trying with all his might, she perceived, he was spiritually fumbling over the effort to feel and to think what she expected of him.
  • That half-hour in the waiting-room, while the porters are arranging the luggage for examination, is trying to most tempers.
  • They were trying to find Dumble's anchorage and were driven in on to that low ridge of rock.
  • I extended the time unnecessarily in trying to make up my mind as to what I would best do in the circumstances.
  • I wandered around the streets for an hour, trying to think up some way to get that money, but nothing suggested itself.
  • Patricia looked at her in some wonder, until she remembered that the kingdom Constance was trying to enter was one of gladness.
  • At last she looked into my palm, but made no muttering, and did not appear trying to make out anything but the streaks and texture of the skin.
  • He had been trying to mount the horse by his unaided efforts, and had given up the attempt in despair just before Gray woke.
  • He was an artist of the mills, and had been trying to bring within the rigid lines that were required some of the grace and freedom of Nature.
  • I had been trying to teach him to retrieve, and my order, "go find it," suggested that pastime to him.
  • He thought briefly of calling Barth at his home or trying to reach him at the factory, but he gave up the idea quickly enough.
  • The cat was in her old place at my feet, and I smiled to see her trying to thrust an inquisitive paw into the muzzle of the gun.
  • I was sitting in the corner dressing little Ralph, or, to be strictly accurate, trying to dress him.

Short Example Sentence for Trying

  • Afterwards he had been trying to cajole her.
  • I did not dream of trying to run the blockade.
  • I've just been trying to make him see reason, that's all.
  • Rosamond trying each on and enlarging on its points of excellence.
  • Was she trying to mislead him by an appearance of flippancy?
  • You're trying to break up our show.
  • It wasn't for want of trying neither.
  • Burckhardt stared at him blankly, trying to assimilate what he had read.
  • And you are the wife of my enemy, the man who is trying to ruin me.
  • It seemed as if some one was trying to hum a tune in defiance of the asthma.
  • He leaned against the hull dizzily, trying to think this thing through.
  • The boy was now listening intently, trying to catch every word that was said.
  • I recognise now that I was trying to saddle upon him an impossibility.
  • That is the reason why Horton is trying so hard to dislodge us.
  • You know, I'm trying to improve the fishermen's chart of the coast round here.
  • But the disease of trying to borrow, my dear Tom, I am afraid, is.
  • It's now that you are trying to murder him," she cried.

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