Tuition in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Tuition

1. You see my tuition was paid for the full school year. 🔊

2. It was a free school, for the tuition was on Uncle Sam. 🔊

3. Thorough Tuition from slow Biplanes to fast Monoplanes. 🔊

4. I was put under the tuition of another boy, and took care to learn my lesson. 🔊

5. The actual fees for tuition vary from three to twelve rupees (4s. 🔊

6. Under the able tuition of her husband, she talked French fluently now. 🔊

7. Mr. Craig was strangely opposed to the tuition I offered years ago. 🔊

8. The terms per quarter for board and tuition were from L18-18-0 to L10-10-0. 🔊

9. And for her board and tuition she was to act as the principal's secretary. 🔊

10. The tuition fees were paid by her great-aunt, Mrs. Eleanor Maxwell Carruth. 🔊

How to use Tuition in Sentences?

1. But the tuition is gratuitous, the expense and the schoolmaster being paid by the commune. 🔊

2. His scholars revered him as a father, and made under his tuition a remarkable proficiency. 🔊

3. Two hundred and fifty years of such tuition gave her but little chance to develop her womanhood. 🔊

4. Reading books is all very well, but personal tuition as well is a great advantage. 🔊

5. Wherever the free school principle is adopted, their tuition is of course provided for. 🔊

6. The result was, a rule against employing professional tuition within a certain date of the race. 🔊

7. The price of tuition has been raised by the Board as the Choctaw fund seems to be cut off. 🔊

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