Turmoil In A Sentence

Definition of Turmoil

(obsolete, intransitive) To be disquieted or confused; to be in commotion. | (obsolete, transitive) To harass with commotion; to disquiet; to worry. | A state of great disorder or uncertainty.

How To Use Turmoil In A Sentence?

  • Some appear, only to be instantly swallowed in the boiling turmoil of the flaming orb.
  • The turmoil began at a sacred feast, and the victors devoured one of the vanquished.
  • It seems like holy ground to people coming in suddenly out of the turmoil and emotion of life.
  • At first the thoughts run on with a tangle and jangle, a turmoil almost of madness ...
  • The whole structure of glowing logs fell down, raising a small turmoil of white ashes and sparks.
  • Now you will come out of a confusion of people, Out of a turmoil of speech about you.
  • As she spoke, quietly, gravely, with authority, the turmoil gradually subsided.
  • A painful turmoil raged within her; but outwardly she was so calm that Harboro was puzzled.
  • In his heart was a turmoil of feeling, to the surface of which continued to rise pity for Julius.
  • It seems almost unbelievable after the years of maddening turmoil I have lived through....
  • In one second Hawk Carse was snatched from sleep into the turmoil of a fight for life.
  • And then it beat on again in a furious turmoil of contradiction of this impossible thing that she was telling him.
  • Marthe rested in my arms during the hour of sleep which we snatched out of the mad turmoil of that night.
  • So far away was he from the world that by a paradox of psychology he viewed its turmoil with a clearer eye.
  • Keith had been wondering, in the aching turmoil that was his brain, where the gold-banded monarch was.
  • At last the turmoil of placing us was over; and the good lady was compelled to be quiet for a little.
  • Quite apart from the horrible turmoil his reappearance caused in her life, she was shakingly revolted by his presence.
  • They were there enabled to have a few hours of recreation and pleasure, and to forget the busy hum of the city with its turmoil and heat.
  • The story displeased the republican audience, who hissed and hooted till the turmoil compelled the fall of the curtain.
  • Pathema turned to leave the arena, but the tension and turmoil and reaction were now telling fast upon her fragile frame.
  • Why is it that I have intruded into this turmoil and manifested a desire to get our orthography purged of its asininities?
  • Our house is in a turmoil from morning till night with women charging in like a mob, or stealing out like conspirators.
  • Mike glanced round him and groaned aloud; he could have wept, so great was the turmoil in his heart and in his mind.
  • In a moment we were in a fierce turmoil of cracking guns, flashing swords, and streaming blood and sweat.
  • The equinoctial gales had not yet arrived to convert the placid surface of the sea into a regular turmoil of short, broken waves.
  • Every soul in the monastery rose, and those who found each other in the turmoil of the night, exhorted one another to meet death bravely.
  • As for Alan, in the rush and turmoil of departure he almost forgot the question of an immediate marriage.
  • It would be a deliberate abdication of our hitherto proud position as spokesmen, even amid the turmoil of war, for the law and the right.
  • Yet in the turmoil of his brain a pale, scared little face, with wild, beseeching eyes, was ever before him.
  • My brain sickened with the endless gliding and turmoil of descent, and I turned aside to speak to my companion.
  • When the tide is high, and the river swollen by heavy rains, there is a turmoil of waters at the bar, ocean and river contending for mastery.
  • I came out of my study upon the landing when I heard the turmoil of her arrival below, and she came upstairs with a quickened gladness.
  • The idea that any one outside the Ark could have survived, and could now be afloat amid this turmoil of waters, had not occurred to their minds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Turmoil | Turmoil Sentence

  • The turmoil continued to increase.
  • Here all the turmoil of the world beyond was ignored.
  • It became a furious turmoil of broken water.
  • There was a raid in force now, and the turmoil ceased.
  • You must enjoy it greatly, after the turmoil of society.
  • His brain was a turmoil as he tried to imagine what was before them.
  • It was the causation of renewed turmoil after time of peace.

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