Unaware In A Sentence

How To Use Unaware In A Sentence?

  • Only those who have not learned to see are unaware that such cases are everywhere about them.
  • Yet the birds themselves were seemingly unaware of doing anything new or noteworthy.
  • Thus she was left wholly unaware of the man who was standing framed in the opening watching her.
  • Merriwell remained cool and apparently quite unaware that anything unusual was taking place.
  • This is a form of selfishness practiced by many persons apparently unaware of being ill-mannered.
  • As they were quite unaware of our number they declined to enter, but invited us into the open.
  • The men came on briskly, absolutely unaware of the rude welcome that awaited them.
  • He saw us coming, and unaware that we had learned of his treachery, greeted us with a smile.
  • The singer stopped and scowled at the group, but the Push seemed to be unaware of his existence.
  • Until the storm carried him out of her sight, she was, I think, unaware of his dominion.
  • If he regarded her now and again with an expression of smouldering fire in his eyes she was unaware of the fact.
  • She was quite unaware of the anxiety with which her movements were watched and her expression scanned.
  • He had evidently been unaware of his danger in leaving the trail for a cross-country run to avoid those he saw approaching him.
  • And he was sincerely unaware that his courtesy, in its dry evasiveness, was more repudiating than rudeness.
  • She affected to be quite unaware that words had been spoken to her, and stood smoothing each side of her forehead.
  • Perhaps, they cast the blame on the alcalde, who is most often unaware of such taxes and is not told of them.
  • He spoke the real dictates of his heart, unaware of the sudden change which had taken place in his feelings.
  • For he could not have torn her heart to shreds and then stood bland, unaware of what he had done, had he loved her.
  • She ate her own food in a kind of trance, unaware of what she was eating; yet it was like eating supper in heaven.
  • Again she reminded him of the rustic little princess, unaware of alien customs, and ready to learn and to laugh at her own blunders.
  • The thing stole upon my mind so that I was unaware of its invasion and how it was changing our long intimacy.
  • Nevertheless, unlike her father, she was never unaware of the difference between pretense and reality, nor of the fixed line dividing them.
  • She seemed unaware of friendly advances or invidious criticism: wrapped in a curious aloofness, from danger and from her fellowman alike.
  • My companion, apparently otherwise occupied in thought, sat gazing moodily at the fire, and to all seeming unaware of my presence.
  • He was unaware that by my ride and conversation in the car, I had forfeited my "social equality" with him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unaware | Unaware Sentence

  • And the world went on unaware of what had happened.
  • It is on the back of his head, but he is unaware of that.
  • Katharine made no reply and seemed unaware of her words.
  • The old man was still unaware of our presence.
  • It was placid, cheerful, unaware of deficiency.
  • Likely enough it is unaware of the want that is spurring it on to action.
  • She seemed quite unaware that she was being defended and rallied around.
  • John was quite unaware of it, but he looked astonishingly well.
  • They were talking together in whispers, and remained quite unaware of him.
  • Jimmy, unaware of their presence until then, looked up in confusion.
  • He had been utterly unaware of Kate's presence.
  • He seemed unaware that Sylvia was regarding him with troubled eyes.
  • Only Janet, knitting her brows over the puzzle, was unaware of it.
  • Until that moment Grey Town was unaware that Custance existed.
  • True, Val was not English, but Celine was unaware of the fact.

Definition of Unaware

Not aware or informed; lacking knowledge. | Not noticing; paying no heed; thoughtless; inattentive.
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