Unctuous in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Unctuous

1. It was an unctuous chuckle. 🔊

2. Buller drew out the syllable with unctuous relish. 🔊

3. High and low, they are of an unctuous texture. 🔊

4. Barkley laughed a strong, unctuous laugh. 🔊

5. And he began to talk to her of God in his unctuous voice. 🔊

6. He rubbed his hands with the unctuous anticipation of a shop-walker. 🔊

7. A voice, which was unctuous and insinuative, emanated from the figure. 🔊

8. She laughed a rich, unctuous laugh, and stretched her hands to the blaze. 🔊

9. And Jack's mouth took on an unctuous expression. 🔊

10. His voice told its own story of bonhommie and unctuous Rhine wine. 🔊

11. The priest departed with an unctuous farewell, and left Panna alone. 🔊

12. It is a soft Body made of the Unctuous and Sulphurous part of the Blood. 🔊

How to use Unctuous in Sentences?

1. He spoke in a honeyed voice and assumed a false and unctuous air which exasperated me. 🔊

2. The sleek and unctuous physiognomy of the monk wore an expression of unusual care and anxiety. 🔊

3. It marvels at some appearance, not to investigate it, but to give it an unctuous name. 🔊

4. In an unctuous and impassioned manner he fulminated against all sorts and conditions of transgressors. 🔊

5. The ceremony, which was very hurriedly performed by an unctuous priest, did not appear to impress either of them. 🔊

6. She spoke of the depravity of the natives in a voice which nothing could hush, but with a vehemently unctuous horror. 🔊

7. The doors were aflare with flickering lights from within, and the unctuous smell of frying pork was on the air. 🔊