Understand in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Understand

1. I do not understand you. 🔊

2. Try to understand it. 🔊

3. They did not understand women. 🔊

4. He could not understand it at all. 🔊

5. What a pity it is that they cannot understand one! 🔊

6. It is not easy to understand how that could have happened. 🔊

7. I ask whether anybody can understand all things. 🔊

8. Can you understand what I mean? 🔊

9. Won't you be rul'd, nor understand me then? 🔊

10. What can I understand from nothing? 🔊

11. Yet I am not sure that you understand your father. 🔊

12. Do you understand me, Harding? 🔊

13. Oh, I could understand how it happened, all right. 🔊

14. It was because she could not understand that he did not care to talk to her. 🔊

15. Or don't you understand this neither? 🔊

16. I don't well understand him. 🔊

17. I can't understand things. 🔊

18. What one doesn't understand without an explanation isn't worth knowing. 🔊

19. D'ye understand my meaning, Scritus? 🔊

20. D'ye understand my meaning, Scirtus? 🔊

21. As if----you understand me. 🔊

How to use Understand in Sentences?

1. But I do not understand why at this moment we must determine the nature of discourse. 🔊

2. He hammered and hammered at the door; couldn't get any response; didn't understand it. 🔊

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