Usurp in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Usurp

1. And weeds usurp the ground. 🔊

2. What letter is to usurp the vacant seat? 🔊

3. General Grant had no disposition to usurp power. 🔊

4. Let him defend his own jurisdiction, but not usurp that of another. 🔊

5. The essay and the pamphlet gradually usurp the place of social studies. 🔊

6. He desires not only to usurp her present and her future, but also her past. 🔊

7. Two such modest boys as these could not be coming to usurp anybody's position. 🔊

How to use Usurp in Sentences?

1. They are men who would usurp the government of their country with decency and moderation. 🔊

2. The understanding and the logic-faculty are allowed to usurp the rational and creative powers. 🔊

3. In their presence the imagination runs riot and the ghostly and supernatural usurp reason. 🔊

4. Favored by the princess, he has grown insolent, and would usurp my place at the coronation. 🔊

5. The word its life resigneth in the pen, Leather and wax usurp the mastery then. 🔊

6. The exercise of beneficence, as I have lived to discover, is to usurp the role of Destiny. 🔊

7. My lord, by favor of the Czar, you expect to reign over Czernova; you seek to usurp my throne. 🔊

8. He sought to usurp the place of of the sun and the result was a conflict in which the latter was victorious. 🔊

9. Doris showed not the smallest disposition to usurp the old housekeeper's authority. 🔊

10. It was especially necessary for me to strip the ethics of interest of that false appearance of liberty which they usurp in vain. 🔊

11. He allows the beast to usurp the place of the god because for the moment the beast pleases his capricious royal fancy the most. 🔊

12. Even sovereignty has its limitations and overthrow; this is a kingship and dominion which none may usurp or destroy. 🔊

13. But no one was able to usurp the property which belonged to another, even though he were of the same barangay. 🔊

14. Wotan goes in fear lest the powers of the nether world usurp his domination, which he wants to make absolute. 🔊

15. He employed all means to accomplish his selfish ends, and would probably endeavour to usurp the property which his brother had left. 🔊