Utmost in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Utmost

1. Use utmost endeavors. 🔊

2. Lawrence now urged his horse to his utmost speed. 🔊

3. Of course, I did my utmost to find the husband. 🔊

4. His utmost travel had been to lecture here and lecture there. 🔊

5. My death's thy utmost glory and thy pride. 🔊

6. She corrected me a great deal, though with the utmost simplicity. 🔊

7. I made the utmost haste, but, as in most cases, it was least speed. 🔊

8. He appeared to be proof against Keith's utmost efforts to be friends. 🔊

How to use Utmost in Sentences?

1. She tried her utmost to retain the group round her, and to hold their attention. 🔊

2. The utmost that could be done was to gather a little force of about seven hundred and fifty. 🔊

3. These faces are then highly polished and the utmost effort is made to keep them absolutely clean. 🔊

4. No sooner was Hicks out of sight of the scouts than he put his horse to the utmost speed. 🔊

5. In the utmost quiet did Brook and Lloyd stand there listening to the tinny voice. 🔊

6. Experiments of the utmost importance to all airships are in progress with a view to ridding the gas of this air cheaply and quickly. 🔊

7. The needs and luxuries of the immense royal household render the counting-house a feature of the utmost importance. 🔊

8. With the utmost caution not to touch the horn or siren, he guided it in a wide semicircle down the slope. 🔊

9. Here all the riders and machines that were to take part were assembled, and it presented a scene of the utmost bustle and activity. 🔊

10. He lectured walking up and down between the desks, talking in a fluting rapid voice, and with the utmost lucidity. 🔊

11. Lumley clutched at the reins again, but the horse was beyond control, and he had the utmost difficulty in keeping his seat. 🔊