Vehement in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Vehement

1. But he was less vehement now. 🔊

2. I pray, such vehement desire! 🔊

3. At this moment a vehement scratching was heard on the door. 🔊

4. This motion gave rise to a protracted and vehement debate. 🔊

5. The head rose in order to execute a vehement nod. 🔊

6. He gave her again a vehement hug, and burst into a laugh. 🔊

7. Pinkey made vehement signs that his mouth was stretched to the limit. 🔊

8. She was astonished at the view he took of it; he was quite vehement about it. 🔊

9. I cannot deny that I have been more vehement than is seemly. 🔊

How to use Vehement in Sentences?

1. That he was vehement to express annoyance has appeared frequently in these pages. 🔊

2. He feared the concrete power, the vehement opposition of the mouthpiece of secularism. 🔊

3. Luther is not more vehement and repulsive in his speech than the holy Word of God. 🔊

4. Men were leaping to their feet to shake vehement fists in the faces of those who wagged their heads in protest. 🔊

5. They were vehement in their dissuasions that he should not: finally even fleeing from him in terror at the thought. 🔊

6. The vehement gestures and gushing current of speech which accompanied their improvisations suggested a fountain bubbling up. 🔊

7. The Bible itself is not a stranger to vehement protestations against the apparent injustice of destiny. 🔊

8. He began instantly to struggle to free himself, and that with a frantic and vehement violence begotten at once of terror and despair. 🔊

9. They are vehement denunciations of sin; are eloquent appeals to the heart, to religious fears and hopes. 🔊

10. His outburst was too vehement and sudden not to come from some underlying current of deep feeling, rather than from the present conversation. 🔊

11. There in his hut is a monotony of brown bodies quick with vehement gestures; there is a tumult of controversy in a tongue he does not know. 🔊