Virtuous In A Sentence

Definition of Virtuous

Full of virtue, having excellent moral character.

How To Use Virtuous In A Sentence?

  • Either the people were very virtuous that evening or the bait was not a taking one.
  • To break the spring of happiness in a virtuous bore is a serious responsibility.
  • She seemed to have an invincible faith in the virtuous dispositions of young men.
  • The sword of a virtuous character and upright conduct is sharper than blades of steel.
  • But they are both virtuous and that gentleman, their father, is very severe with them.
  • The gods cannot receive the gifts of the wicked; the virtuous alone have a right to invoke them.
  • Uncertain indeed is the efficacy, limited indeed is the extent, of a virtuous institution.
  • They have a rectoress to govern them, a portress, and several virtuous women of mature years.
  • Tradition records no equally strong declaration respecting the mild and virtuous Ali.
  • I don't set up to be a virtuous cove like you, but a partner's always safe with me.
  • Although I had done no wrong, but rather a virtuous deed, I implored for pardon.
  • During thirteen years this son of the most virtuous heathen shows himself the most vicious of tyrants.
  • Only that day as he had laboriously stepped off the long miles he had thought with virtuous complacence of the completeness of his reformation.
  • It does not train the affections to virtuous and harmonious action, but denies to them all action and consigns them to extinction.
  • Virtue ennobles blood, and a virtuous person of humble birth is more estimable than a vicious person of rank.
  • We admit that the virtuousness of every virtuous act lies, not in its origin or cause, but in itself.
  • It is enjoyed by the learned and un- learned, the wise and the ignorant, the virtuous and the vicious.
  • His country he remembered with the virtuous partiality which so strongly distinguishes, and so well becomes, her children.
  • Would you rather have your son a boy of strong character with vicious tendency or a weakling with harmless, virtuous inclinations?
  • Joseph was thankful to the chance which, in making him wealthy, had also enabled him to nourish such virtuous feeling.
  • We are justified by faith; yet this must not lessen our care to live a virtuous life, nor our pleasure in it.
  • This work will assist in explaining, for naturally a virtuous and superior order ought to produce virtuous and superior men.
  • There, however, one or two friends have already established themselves, all with precisely the same virtuous intent.
  • He there says, that the virtuousness of every virtuous act or choice depends upon its own nature, and not upon its origin or cause.
  • The life of the virtuous citizen is the gift of God, and no earthly power has the authority to take it for any such purpose.
  • You forget, in this wondrous fit of virtuous anger, that I have stood for so many years towards you in the light of a father.
  • Its virtuous men are, I believe, amongst the most virtuous, as its wicked are amongst the most abandoned upon earth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Virtuous | Virtuous Sentence

  • A child cannot be made virtuous by maxims.
  • If a heathen, he was a virtuous one.
  • Vice is vicious action and virtue is virtuous action.
  • Nothing is said about the market value of a virtuous husband.
  • She had a virtuous feeling as she smoothed her hair before a mirror.
  • There is no jewel in the world so valuable as a chaste and virtuous woman.
  • A virtuous but giddy girl to attempt to play a trick on a man.
  • All minds are free agents, being vicious or virtuous from their own choice.
  • He assumed an injured and a virtuous air, and no man could do it better.
  • We admit, then, that the essence of a virtuous act lies in its nature.
  • But you've always took the virtuous line, ever since we've been together.
  • Only a sweet and virtuous soul, Like seasoned timber, never gives.
  • Ye Powers that smile on virtuous love, O, sweetly smile on Somebody!

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