Vortex in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Vortex

1. He was being dragged into a vortex of hate and battle. 🔊

2. They were on the edge of the vortex of the old dispute. 🔊

3. Mabel Harrington, just as the vortex engulphed her. 🔊

4. He was swept off in the vortex that followed in the wake of this lady. 🔊

5. Madly presumed time's vortex to defy! 🔊

6. They were in the very vortex of London's midnight traffic. 🔊

7. The Nous produced a vortex at one point in the middle of this mass. 🔊

8. Again he found himself in a vortex of dining, whisting, talking, and laughter. 🔊

How to use Vortex in Sentences?

1. He seemed about to be lifted into the vortex of the storm, to be flung far out into space. 🔊

2. He arose at last, dizzy, with the vortex of impractical suggestions revolving in his mind. 🔊

3. And into the vortex flung, trampled and torn; As Keenan fought with his men, side by side. 🔊

4. All subsequent process is explained by the action of the vortex itself, which draws the surrounding matter into itself. 🔊

5. It was evident that this was the vortex of the hurricane, for only a few drops of rain fell around the raft. 🔊

6. It is too true that many good men have been drawn into the vortex of speculation, but these are few in number and are isolated cases. 🔊

7. A straw has been known to penetrate the body of a tree endwise by the extreme velocity imparted to it when carried in the vortex of a tornado. 🔊

8. But to remain pure and uncontaminated in this vortex of vice, requires the utmost strength and exertion of virtue. 🔊

9. All that in this world confers pleasure to the senses is but a means to plunge man into the vortex of existences, and thereby into all miseries. 🔊

10. Where the sparkling chamber had been was a whirling vortex of bubbling green water, in which tumbled grotesquely the body of a man. 🔊

11. Upsala was not then the peaceful town that it now is, and the chancellor of the University was in the very vortex of the struggle. 🔊