Wet in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Wet

1. Burckhardt wet his lips. 🔊

2. Her eyes were wet with tears. 🔊

3. This is because there is no water to wet the earth. 🔊

4. Her eyes were as blue as wet violets. 🔊

5. Often they were wet and cold and without shelter. 🔊

6. His front feet had slipped on the wet ground. 🔊

7. He drank, and shook his wet hair again. 🔊

8. The pasture sloped down to a piece of low, wet land. 🔊

9. The rear wheel is to be wet in the Atlantic. 🔊

10. Lumley drew up his foot and began to wet the bandages again. 🔊

11. It was as if his flesh had been wet plaster stiffening slowly about his ribs. 🔊

12. The rain was coming down now in torrents, and he was wet to the skin. 🔊

13. It had been wet and cold, and there had been no hot food for days. 🔊

14. Tears now began to wet his cheeks, falling from the eyes of the twins. 🔊

15. All wet and shaken and excited and out of breath, he does get on board. 🔊

16. The year 1878 was a wet year and yielded a bad harvest; 1879 was worse. 🔊

17. Mince cold veal, season to taste, and wet slightly with a good gravy. 🔊

18. After another wet night on another wet camping ground, we marched into Phari. 🔊

How to use Wet in Sentences?

1. The wind and wet poured in together whenever the window was put down to pay the postboys. 🔊

2. Bitter winds swept every leaf from the trees and the sun was hidden in wet mists. 🔊

3. Then the bee which was hidden near the tub stung him sharply in his face, already wet with tears. 🔊

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