Win in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Win

1. We shall have to win our spurs. 🔊

2. I have to win her confidence afresh each time. 🔊

3. But it was no easy victory we were to win that day. 🔊

4. Then you may win others to follow your example. 🔊

5. They aimed to win converts to the cause of anti-slavery. 🔊

6. Wherefore I wish to win the virgin from him. 🔊

7. You hope that I shall win you. 🔊

8. First of all I court the mob, and win them by degrees. 🔊

9. The repulse had stimulated his desire to win her; but he had a further motive. 🔊

10. He may win them over to-night, but this is only the beginning. 🔊

11. They rather tended to gain attention and win the kindness of strangers. 🔊

12. Lest this young captive win your hero from you. THAIS. 🔊

13. We can't win out that way, against this combination. 🔊

14. But he bore it all good-naturedly, for he was determined to win their support. 🔊

15. This he would do; he would win life's highest honors. 🔊

16. Under what different circumstances did England win her position! 🔊

17. Mrs. Wickersham was very eager for him to win this particular prize. 🔊

18. It was a task to give a Spartan pause and win an enduring fame among the gods. 🔊

How to use Win in Sentences?

1. Deep down under everything that he had striven for had lain the foundation of his hope to win her. 🔊

2. By pluck and wisdom alone could he win a lasting place in the hearts of his people. 🔊

3. Of bulldog British determination to fight to a finish and to win there is no shadow of doubt. 🔊

4. These are the acts which win the attachment of soldiers, and Turenne was idolized by his. 🔊