Won in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Won

1. Numerous other prizes have been won by him. 🔊

2. Patricia was won instantly. 🔊

3. He had won the third game. 🔊

4. But nothing is to be won in that way. 🔊

5. He won the match by being better trained. 🔊

6. Not a word about the loving praise which had won her this. 🔊

7. No one has won so much for the kingdom of ideas. 🔊

8. What is lost to-day may be won to-morrow. 🔊

9. Deeds that Won the Empire. 🔊

10. Also won many other prizes in England and America. 🔊

11. Giver of the L2000 Lanz prize won by Grade. 🔊

12. Began flying in 1910, in which year he won several prizes. 🔊

13. It has not been made known over here how the Prince won it. 🔊

14. Deacon cut the cards, won the deal, and gave them a thorough shuffle. 🔊

15. He took it to Australia and won the first aeroplane flight prize there. 🔊

16. There I saw the lady whose melodious voice had won my heart. 🔊

17. I'll bet the ten thousand I've won from you against two years of your time. 🔊

18. He accepted the Wager, and won it at the Risque of his Life. 🔊

How to use Won in Sentences?

1. Bullets smacked about him, and puffs of stone-dust flew out, but he won safely across. 🔊

2. Sir Nicholas is supposed to have won his bride by paying that costly tribute to her faith. 🔊