Wonderful in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Wonderful

1. What a wonderful name! 🔊

2. A wonderful week followed. 🔊

3. Then the wonderful thing happened. 🔊

4. He was already a wonderful mechanist. 🔊

5. It seemed such a wonderful beginning to any enterprise. 🔊

6. There was wonderful order in the seeming confusion. 🔊

7. You never heard anything so wonderful in your life! 🔊

8. The wind whispering through the forest told her wonderful stories. 🔊

9. Young man; I proclaim a wonderful future for the photo playhouse. 🔊

10. Mr. Ben Oates, indeed, told me some wonderful stories about it. 🔊

11. They shone only by the reflected light of this wonderful girl's first book. 🔊

How to use Wonderful in Sentences?

1. What a wonderful spell it was that bound me to the dull lane at the end of the town! 🔊

2. In one of your books read the wonderful story of how we obtain a loaf of bread. 🔊

3. He was a man of wonderful schemes, but originally they led to results as wonderful. 🔊

4. Lessingham, watching her closely, almost groaned as he saw the wonderful relief in her face. 🔊

5. She pulled the root up, and, though wonderful is a strong term, the hole was certainly larger. 🔊

6. He is active and laborious; understands Affairs, has a quick Apprehension, and a wonderful Memory. 🔊

7. Randy hung around, wrought up with excitement over their wonderful find and anxious to talk about it. 🔊

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