Worth in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Worth

1. Nothing doing worth mention. 🔊

2. She was a pal worth having. 🔊

3. And then it was not worth many thanks in any case. 🔊

4. Jerry is a character well worth knowing. 🔊

5. Our lives would not be worth much, if we were discovered. 🔊

6. For your worth I love you. 🔊

7. This House is worth seeing. 🔊

8. They are in the Town-house, and worth seeing. 🔊

9. I mean that the story isn't worth it. 🔊

10. Something worth having has been put in your way; so make the most of it. 🔊

11. Surely nobody's "honor" is worth all that. 🔊

12. What one doesn't understand without an explanation isn't worth knowing. 🔊

13. Their paroles are not worth the paper they are written on," he roared. 🔊

14. Yes; and that's a pity, for the buttons are worth more than the coat. 🔊

15. Then you are one of the trifles that make life worth living," he replied. 🔊

How to use Worth in Sentences?

1. Educated as I had been, it would have seemed just the thing, and well worth the expense. 🔊

2. Would she be worth to him the break with his mother, with his traditions, with his inherited ideals? 🔊

3. There is a delight even in the parting agony of two lovers worth a thousand tame pleasures of the world. 🔊

4. He had great influence, and his opinion upon any matter was worth much more than that of any other person in the community. 🔊

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