Adjectives for Finer | Words to describe Finer

  • Much
  • How do you describe Finer?

    • 1. Now, these boys and girls were the children of rich parents, and lived in much finer houses than the one Jesus had for a home. 🔊
    • 2. The American chestnut is not as sweet as Chinese chestnut but is much finer in texture and richer in subtle pleasing flavor. 🔊
    • 3. He was delighted by the singing, which was unaccompanied by instruments, the bass voices predominating, and which certainly struck him as being much finer than anything he had ever heard in an English cathedral. 🔊
    • 4. I've got a much finer berth waiting for you, a more honourable and above all a more lucrative position. 🔊

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