Adjectives for Lances | Words to describe Lances

  • Shivered
  • Nail-Headed
  • Long
  • Couched
  • Short
  • Austrian
  • Several
  • How do you describe Lances?

    • 1. Other harpoons, and several lances, were then struck, and no doubt remained with the pursuers but that it would speedily become their prize. 🔊
    • 2. The short lances and wooden targets of the attackers were pitifully futile against the long spears and brazen shields of the Hellenes. 🔊
    • 3. Banfi would have fallen back, but three of the Bedouins charged upon him forthwith, while the three others with couched lances fell upon his comrades. 🔊
    • 4. He saw the faces of the riders wet, too, with sweat, but glowing with triumph, and he saw them, also, brandishing the long lances with the glittering steel shafts. 🔊
    • 5. He compares the "random influences" of Art, Nature, and the Schools, to light breaking in shivered lances on the dappled water. 🔊
    • 6. Men-at-arms, as they were called, encased from head to foot in iron, and mounted upon chargers no less solidly caparisoned, drove the foot-soldiers before them at the points of their long lances. 🔊
    • 7. Groups of glittering horsemen, their long lances decked with many-coloured pennons gleaming in the golden light, their horses curveting and prancing, were riding hither and thither, directing and superintending. 🔊
    • 8. The picadors with their nail-headed lances seemed veritable Don Quixotes on their more than Rosinante steeds: poor beasts doomed to the knackers anyhow. 🔊
    • 9. An unbroken line of Austrian lances barred the way of the Swiss; whereupon Winkelried determined to sacrifice himself in order that his comrades might break through. 🔊

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