Adjectives for Precept | Words to describe Precept

  • Own
  • Convincing
  • Good
  • Same
  • How do you describe Precept?

    • 1. We do not need to go mad about it; and my own precept and practice is to employ gas only where its use shows a profit, either in time or money. 🔊
    • 2. This is a hard saying for parents, and not a good precept for the young, but there is solid truth in it and a bit of common-sense too, for it is best to get the original sin out in the years of innocence. 🔊
    • 3. The same precept, "Keep wine and water apart," is conveyed at the close of a lyric distinguished in other respects for the brutal passion of its drunken fervour. 🔊

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