Adjectives for Splashes | Words to describe Splashes

  • Heavy
  • Flung
  • Dull
  • Red
  • How do you describe Splashes?

    • 1. The trail was plain and easy to follow and red splashes on the leaves gave evidence that Machque had been badly wounded. 🔊
    • 2. Some were stunned, and some were drowned at once before the eyes of those who waited; and the dull splashes they made were probably the first visible demonstration of the death that was coming. 🔊
    • 3. I. Bertram finished the last pages, while along the silence ever Still in hot and heavy splashes fell the tears on every leaf. 🔊
    • 4. Rain had just begun to fall, and with it descended the smut and grime that darkened above the houses; the pavement was speedily over-smeared with sticky mud, and passing vehicles flung splashes in every direction. 🔊

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