Adjectives for Throbbing | Words to describe Throbbing

  • Little
  • Rapid
  • Tremendous
  • Nervous
  • Angry
  • Wild
  • Invisible
  • Painful
  • How do you describe Throbbing?

    • 1. Ray said, trying to control the rapid throbbing of his pulses, and putting a slight emphasis upon the last syllable of the name. 🔊
    • 2. Her breasts rose and fell with a peculiarly steady rhythm, and seemed to be coordinated with the silent, invisible throbbing of the metal walls. 🔊
    • 3. For a moment or two he stood, not speaking, but as though on the verge of speech; and her heart quickened to a nervous throbbing. 🔊
    • 4. He pressed his hand above his heart to still its wild throbbing, and in breathless silence listened to the words which followed, placing his ear close to a crevice in the partition. 🔊
    • 5. He wondered with many a painful throbbing of the heart what the dawn would bring, and, unable to keep still any longer, he rose and went to the brow of the low hill, behind which they lay. 🔊
    • 6. At the end of the day, towards twilight, I became wearied of the tremendous throbbing and exalted state in which I still remained and gave utterance to the thought aloud. 🔊

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