A Barrel In A Sentence

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  • It was a duel in a barrel.
  • I was sitting at the time on a barrel.
  • Do not rely on a barrel and a board.
  • But this way he had us over a barrel.
  • Flour was three hundred dollars a barrel.
  • A barrel of flour was terribly needed.
  • Six hundred pounds make a barrel of rice.
  • I had a barrel of water ready at the corner of the house.
  • At the last moment a barrel-organ was secured.
  • They pay about three shillings a barrel for cider.
  • Two hundred pounds make a barrel of pork.
  • If this occurs fill a barrel about half full of water.
  • When this occurs fill a barrel about half full of water.
  • I was lying upon a barrel, at the mercy of the waves.
  • When done, keep them in a barrel of wood ashes.
  • One hundred and ninety-six pounds make a barrel of flour.
  • And you may drink a Barrel.
  • She boiled pitch, and filled a barrel, and that boiling.
  • It was an old Colt with a barrel a foot long.
  • They rolled you on a barrel, I remember.
  • Ida Mary bought a barrel and several new milk cans.
  • As round as a barrel, And seventeen medals.
  • I fed her a barrel of sugar between July and November.
  • A barrel-organ.
  • There's a barrel of money in it.
  • A barrel of it wouldn't do you harm.
  • Even then he must keep his water in a barrel out in the hall.
  • There is not a headache in a barrel of it, and no nervousness in a ton of it.
  • In the grocery he sat on a barrel and leaned his head against the wall.
  • There's a barrel of water out there, too.
  • Once they pushed her head right up to the neck into a barrel of treacle.
  • Boyd was to be introduced to a foolish young girl who had a barrel of money.
  • They came mighty near to making a barrel of money out of that.
  • There is a way of driving down the hoops of a barrel until the hoops break.
  • It differs from instinct as a piano differs from a barrel-organ.
  • I couldn't git an answer from a barrel of that.
  • It will cost a barrel of money to put it on, but it is a winner.

How To Use A Barrel In A Sentence?

  • Arnold swung himself up on to the top of a barrel and sat looking down at his companion.
  • Jones sent back a barrel of powder with the message that he had no suitable shot.
  • It was more comfortable than being packed like a herring in a barrel in a bell tent.
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