A Battle In A Sentence

How To Use A Battle In A Sentence?

  • It was a battle that lasted for two weeks.
  • It was a battle to be fought out openly and frankly.
  • What followed was a massacre rather than a battle.
  • At once a battle royal began in parliament.
  • Never was there so complete a jumble on a battle-field.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Battle | A Battle Sentence

  • There had been a battle!
  • Suppose there should be a battle.
  • It was a battle of giants.
  • Did it mean a battle?
  • Is there going to be a battle?
  • There was no necessity for a battle.
  • A place for a battle.
  • Thus it came to a battle.
  • After all life is a battle.
  • A battle was fought.
  • There will doubtless be a battle.
  • Yorktown was not merely a battle.
  • A battle was imminent.
  • It is a battle all the time.
  • A battle over the teacups.
  • Is this a battle post?
  • The process is a battle.
  • To a battle thou alludest.
  • Hiram had besides a battle of his own to fight.
  • Imagine a battle fought on earth.
  • They all felt that a battle was imminent.
  • Diamond fought with a battle-axe.
  • There is a great reaction after a battle.
  • I was once a witness to a battle in our common.
  • Almost a battle was fought on its outskirts.
  • That night we fought a battle.
  • Never was a battle more manfully fought.
  • Still a battle must be risked.
  • He had never fought a battle.
  • It was a battle on a minor scale.
  • You think it was a battle of patience?
  • It was indeed a battle of giants.
  • He came on his enemy where he did not expect a battle.
  • He had lost a battle in which he never had a chance.
  • That weave the music of a battle-song?
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