A Birthday In A Sentence

How To Use A Birthday In A Sentence?

  • If one of the family has a birthday then, that one shall choose our walk for us.
  • Now it chanced, once upon a time, that their parents were celebrating a birthday.
  • A birthday present for a dollar his mother wants he should have, all right, a birthday present!
  • On the 7th you will give your presence to George as a birthday gift, a proof of great affection.
  • I receive your paper every month since November, when mother took it for a birthday present to me.
  • After that a birthday cake was borne in ablaze with fourteen green tapers and set before the little hostess to cut.
  • The title, "A Birthday," made her feel that Raymond Bonner was somehow connected with it.
  • We are, of course, logically entitled to consider this faculty like all others by itself and give it a birthday.
  • On my birthday granny called me in to give me a birthday talk and, of course, she talked to me about my property.
  • Needless to say there was a birthday cake which was brought in ablaze with candles and set before Billy to cut.
  • It is a birthday treat to them already to take the key from my split-ring, and look together over the half-forgotten things.
  • The letter was written then and there, passing around the table with the bonbons, that each one present might add a birthday greeting.
  • These tapestries were to be hung during the absence of the duchess in Homburg, and were to greet her as a birthday surprise on her return.
  • Mamma sent it me to buy a birthday present with, and I've spent sevenpence already.
  • She drew from the envelope a birthday card in water-colour with Laura's initials in one corner.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Birthday | A Birthday Sentence

  • They had been a birthday gift from his parents.
  • Can you make him a birthday-cake?
  • I had a birthday last month.
  • What could be more innocent than a birthday festival?
  • Is that the way to buy a birthday present?
  • Is there a birthday or anything that we may celebrate?
  • You may consider it a birthday present.
  • The idea of a boy without a birthday!
  • Wanted to get a birthday present, we did.
  • Mamma sent it me last week to buy a birthday present.
  • I have a pet canary-bird, which was a birthday gift.
  • With love alone, you can plan a birthday party.
  • With love alone, you can plan a birthday party.
  • Not a birthday.
  • I'm having a birthday next week.
  • They were giving him a theatrical performance for a birthday present.
  • A birthday anniversary is a momentous event in the life of a child.
  • Catching cold isn't a nice game for a birthday party.
  • A boy of 22 months is to present a basket of cherries as a birthday gift.
  • Nature seemed uneasy with delight, like a child on a birthday morning.
  • Jane and her husband will be here soon, for I am to have a birthday supper.
  • I have heard something of Washington, but never heard that he had a birthday.
  • In my desk is something I was going to give my mother for a birthday present.
  • A BIRTHDAY 140 XV.
  • I hope you didn't bring me another foolish thing for a birthday present.
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