A Box In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Box | A Box Sentence

  • She told me there was a box.
  • Each doll was in a box by itself.
  • A box of dresses for you!
  • At the bottom of a box.
  • Now for a box to put them in.
  • Shake up the grains in a box.
  • A box had just been sent them.
  • I watched him from a box.
  • He opened it and discovered a box.
  • I never sent you a box!
  • And the fourth a box within.
  • There was half a box of cartridges with it.
  • Nora took a chocolate from a box.
  • Edith felt as if she herself were locked up in a box.
  • He had a sort of a box in his hand.
  • She gives him a box on the ear.
  • They are hidden in a box under some rags.
  • That place had a box lifter to it.
  • A box was brought and opened.
  • It is the price of a box of matches.
  • At her elbow was a box of chocolates.
  • There are fish in a box back there.
  • A box of candy for each of you if you win.
  • The answer was a box on the ears.
  • Goodale was a switch and a box car.
  • He had a box containing a few matches.
  • On the front seat was a box with her name on it.
  • They say they drew his name from a box.
  • We might be in a box on our way to market.
  • Bless me, it was a box of chocolates!
  • Standing on a box he could thrust his hand into it.
  • We were in the front end of a box car.
  • Keith had secured a box next the stage.
  • Casker retreated so rapidly that he fell over a box.
  • Then a box was brought from some corner and opened.

How To Use A Box In A Sentence?

  • We had a box at the opera and went very regularly.
  • The woman packed up all her jewels in a box.
  • A box-bed took up a third of it.
  • In his pockets was a box of safety matches.
  • One of the men threw something into it from a box.
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