A Boy In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Boy | A Boy Sentence

  • Densuke is but a boy.
  • Yesterday it was a boy.
  • Little more than a boy!
  • Little more than a boy.
  • He too had been a boy at that time.
  • One was a boy and the other a girl.
  • And there was always a boy!
  • Not since he was a boy.
  • This was the reasoning of a boy.
  • Cowardice had been his failing as a boy.
  • Tell some of the things he did when he was a boy.
  • Is that a boy or a girl?
  • You are a boy of sense.
  • He was religious from a boy.
  • This is no work for a boy.
  • But not a boy spoke up.
  • Would you rather be a boy?
  • It is more necessary for a boy.
  • I am a boy no longer.
  • Not a boy was there to be seen.
  • He was delicate as a boy.
  • There was a boy in the boat.
  • Things a boy can do with electrochemistry.
  • How like a boy was this?
  • Likely he had forgotten he was a boy once himself.
  • Take the thanks of a boy.
  • What a boy he was still!
  • But he had ceased to be a boy.
  • You are not a boy any longer.
  • It was a boy in the same house.
  • I am so tired of being a boy!
  • You were meant to be a boy.
  • They had all known him from a boy.
  • They were a boy and girl.
  • It is the power to be a boy again at will.

How To Use A Boy In A Sentence?

  • For a boy it is horrible.
  • He was merely a boy.
  • Pete is very handy for a boy.
  • Everyone took her for a boy.
  • Served afloat as a boy.
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