A Brown In A Sentence

How To Use A Brown In A Sentence?

  • A brown grass rug filled most of the floor space.
  • There was a brown, black and white landscape.
  • A brown little face, with whiskers.
  • Sitting by his side is a brown-eyed maid in a poke bonnet.
  • She was draped from head to foot in a brown stuff cloak.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Brown | A Brown Sentence

  • We were both in a brown study.
  • She is in a brown study.
  • We both lapsed into a brown study.
  • Jean fell into a brown study.
  • Kirkwood started out of a brown study.
  • Alice fell into a brown study.
  • Reed roused himself from a brown study.
  • Roland ate his luncheon in a brown study.
  • The inspector held out a brown hand.
  • Primrose went into a brown study over the question.
  • At the stern sat a brown boy.
  • She opened it and displayed a brown powder.
  • And with that the ranger fell into a brown study.
  • She was looking out of a window in a brown study.
  • Deane sat for some time in a brown study.
  • I walked down to the pier in a brown study.
  • Who a brown liquid shrank from drinking.
  • A brown girl in a brown land!
  • A brown wincey dress surmounted all.
  • In a few moments he led out a brown pony.
  • A brown subject is seen by the color.
  • Knit the wreath as before and finish with a brown round.
  • Put a white and a brown slice together.
  • Garnish with parsley and serve a brown sauce with them.
  • He fell into a brown study for a moment.
  • Roger relighted his pipe and went into a brown study.
  • His body was wrapped in a brown dressing-gown.
  • The latter was a brown bear while the former was a black.
  • Here he broke off suddenly and remained in a brown study.
  • Presently they became purple shades in a brown world.
  • Face covered with a brown and yellow scab and scurf.
  • Over the plains a brown dust haze hangs.
  • A brown felt carpet occupied the centre.
  • It may likewise be added to a brown sauce.
  • But the disgusting animal had fallen into a brown study.
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