A Burning In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Burning | A Burning Sentence

  • Yours is still a burning flame.
  • Esther might be a burning coal.
  • What are the causes productive of such a burning?
  • A burning coal was placed with him.
  • A burning flame this woman.
  • The matter is a burning scandal.
  • He was a burning and a shining light.
  • A burning rage swept over him.
  • How can you illustrate this by a burning glass?
  • His face was a burning red.
  • He longed for it with a burning and intense desire.
  • A burning excitement shone in her eyes.
  • She had returned home in a burning fever.
  • His letter was a burning hymn to the day.
  • Sethos felt a burning rage seize him.
  • Just then a burning spar fell from aloft.
  • Reuben drew forth a burning stick.
  • Washington lay as if scorching under a burning glass.
  • Would most people care to linger in a burning forest?
  • The fisherman wiped away a burning tear.
  • Philip grew red all over with a burning blush of shame.
  • A burning colour crept into her face at the question.
  • What effect has impure air on a burning lamp?
  • He felt a burning pressure behind his eyeballs.
  • A burning blush came over the pale face.
  • Russia has set a burning torch to the house of peace.
  • You know how horses will go back into a burning stable.
  • The blood rushed back in a burning wave to her face.
  • Oh, what a burning of the bowels ye shall have!
  • He saw all things a burning, intolerable red.
  • She paused, and a burning blush spread over her face.
  • As he spoke, a burning flush covered her face.
  • The hero, you remember, did it with a burning pine.
  • I grew until I had a burning sensation all over.
  • Then a thought, like a burning arrow, pierced her.

How To Use A Burning In A Sentence?

  • She cast a burning look on Puss.
  • Next I became conscious of a burning thirst.
  • His jealousy against Vital rose up like a burning flame.
  • The Cathedral is a burning stain on the white, wet night.
  • With a burning flame in my bosom, I pray for your hand.
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