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  • The price is so low that a buyer promptly appears.
  • A buyer must accept his terms or leave it alone.
  • Besides, Morris has a buyer for that car already.
  • In 1896 I was, however, a buyer of both corn and oats.
  • I know a buyer.
  • I've got a buyer in sight now for the cattle and the land.
  • I'm going to be a buyer for the Ignorant Rich.
  • I have in mind a sloop-rigged yacht, lying in Shanghai, waiting for a buyer.

How To Use A Buyer In A Sentence?

  • Few things are more difficult to accomplish than to find a buyer for what must be sold.
  • James had only 35 cents in his pocket, and was not a buyer, but a spectator of jewelry anyway.
  • A buyer wanting such things must send word privately, and have them brought to his house.
  • As soon as a buyer appears in the field, you feel ashamed to be sold to a Chandal!
  • The appeal a place makes to a buyer as a pleasant home has frequently as important an influence on his decision as its purely practical merits.
  • This was about my first appearance as a buyer of cattle, and some of the beasts I remember to this day.
  • The seller came into some money, and sailing for England, was glad to find a buyer at a reasonable price.
  • These 'fair pictures' were often daubs; but sometimes, no doubt, a buyer secured the work of a young genius for a trifling sum.
  • What have you to offer us if we are too proud, or too poor, or too anything else, to stand waiting for a buyer in the marriage-market of Belgravia?
  • I have a buyer anxious to get a claim on the Brule and I believe he would pay $1200 for this relinquishment.
  • Empal came to their room that day carrying a large basket of fresh fruit, as if he was delivering the fruit to a buyer, and he woke them from their sleep.
  • They circulated freely and eventually came into the possession of a buyer who, by presenting them at the warehouse named on the notes, exchanged them for the specified amount of tobacco.
  • Therefore, on the third day he came to the market himself as a buyer, and the moment he saw the beautiful cow with golden horns he knew that it could be no other than his former apprentice.
  • What, then, ought a buyer to do in purchasing a horse, for example, in order to guard himself against the unwelcome discovery of disease or other defect?
  • The fish-wives, who manifest the keenest jealousy of each other when the sale of a penny herring is in question, display a united front when a quarrel arises with a buyer.
  • All lenses, however, should be tried by the opticians who sell them; and if they presented a specimen of their powers to a buyer, he could see in a moment what their capabilities were.
  • As no publisher could be found who would take it as a gift, for any purpose of sale, it was consigned, all but a few copies, to a buyer of waste paper.
  • But in making sales of paper, the sharp, close-dealing buyer is generally able to secure a better price than a buyer not posted in regard to the condition of the paper trade.
  • No German law would permit a buyer to demand his goods, without paying a price at all, and be justified in claiming money in addition from the seller.
  • So next market-day the old man went to the city leading a very fine ox, and soon found a buyer, who offered ten times the usual price paid for an ox.
  • With exchange at 4.83 it will cost a buyer in New York only $4.83 to buy that hat; if exchange were at 4.88, it would cost him $4.88.
  • To determine the right of a buyer to credit and the safe limit of credit to be extended to him is the seller's serious problem.
  • That's why he has to have a buyer honest though poor--he couldn't check him in the least.
  • Charley did not know that her knowledge of chintzes was about two weeks old and derived from a buyer at Wanamacy's.
  • During the last five years, their exactions became so piratical that finally they killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, so now the Rhine was without a boat, and Frankfort without a buyer.
  • Roads in Persia leave much indeed to be desired, and as the chief means of travel, aside from beasts of burden, is by Ford cars, a buyer who covers much of its territory has a rather unenviable job.
  • In every case there is a buyer on this end who wants to get possession of the goods without having to put up any money, and in every case there is a seller on the other end who wants to receive payment as soon as he lets the merchandise get out of his hands.
  • As to the buyer of the banker's "future," such a buyer might be, for instance, another banker who had sold finance-bills and wants to limit the cost of "covering" them.
  • Time was getting on, the crier was out of breath in his efforts to secure a buyer, the auctioneer orated without obtaining a single specimen of those nods which his estimable fraternity are so quick to discover; and the reserve price was not even mentioned.
  • He blamed himself for their lack of creature comforts, and the salt tears rained down his beard when he had to go home and report that he had tramped the streets all day with a picture under his arm, looking for a buyer, but no buyer could be found.
  • Like any other instrument of credit, a bill of lading may be deposited with a creditor as security for money advanced (or it may be transferred to a buyer) by means of indorsement, and the property or goods will be thereby either mortgaged or assigned.
  • Mr. Gordon subsequently adduces a Preston decree, that "if a buyer should buy any goods in large or small quantities and give earnest, and he who agreed to sell should rue the bargain, he shall pay the double asked.
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