A Candle In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Candle | A Candle Sentence

  • And all for a candle-flame!
  • Death lights a candle.
  • There was a candle in a sconce.
  • It was lighted by a candle.
  • Even when these were not put up a candle was necessary.
  • Wish upon a candle on blowing it out.
  • Snuff a candle and it stays snuffed.
  • Must she go back for a candle?
  • It was like puffing out a candle.
  • Jeckie was seeking for matches and a candle.
  • A candle burned on the desk.
  • A candle to light your way.
  • The lad said he had a candle.
  • One of the servants gave me a candle.
  • A candle flickered in the window.
  • Among them was a candle and the tinder-box.
  • She took down a candle from the mantel.
  • They were crowding in the doorway with a candle.
  • Then he came in and lighted a candle.
  • He had a gun in one hand and a candle in the other.
  • I saw the glimmer of a candle through the keyhole.
  • They kept a candle lit all that day.
  • I lit a candle and held it aloft.
  • The groom hastened behind him with a candle.
  • Nathan lit a candle and began to undress.
  • I shall not make a candle under a bushel of myself.
  • Is scarcely fit to hold a candle.
  • Psmith lit a candle and they examined the ground.
  • By the light of a candle he examined the room.
  • In the tilt he lighted a candle and examined it.
  • She picked up a candle and tiptoed into the bedroom.
  • A candle burned in a small alcove.
  • Ump was standing by the side of the bed with a candle.
  • A candle burning to-night.
  • Jonas lit a candle and padded away.

How To Use A Candle In A Sentence?

  • A candle sputtered in the window as if to welcome him.
  • A lamp, a candle will do.
  • Regina lit a candle and went into her own room.
  • A candle is lighted making darkness visible.
  • I pushed away a candle that flared in our faces.
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