A Character In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Character | A Character Sentence

  • He is such a character!
  • They had a character of their own.
  • What a character it has!
  • Jones was a character.
  • Quite a character in his way.
  • The man was a character.
  • Stiggs was a character about the yards.
  • A character described it.
  • What a character you give me!
  • But it is only a character in the making.
  • A character is needed.
  • Regan discharged him without a character.
  • We are not called on to construct a character at all.
  • For what must a man do who has such a character?
  • Sube learned that he had overlooked a character.
  • How melancholy the infatuation of such a character!
  • Percival was the opposite pole of such a character.
  • Our host was rather a character.
  • They are of a character to cool emotion.
  • Then you begin to think him a character.
  • But a character of an event can be recognised.
  • They would regard him as a character.
  • It was a character which she had often scored it.
  • His was a character of strength and fortitude.
  • Wyatt was apparently something of a character.
  • Ventura had a character diametrically opposed to his.
  • Oh yes, you can have a character!
  • Also a character of coffee and coffee-houses.
  • He was a character, the captain.
  • The old man himself was plainly a character.
  • Jerry is a character well worth knowing.
  • The mother was no less sturdy a character.
  • Hume seems to have lots of color as a character.
  • I never knew a man with as strong a character.
  • I should be earning a character, in fact.

How To Use A Character In A Sentence?

  • I want force to be either a genius or a character.
  • As a character-painter, he is unapproachable.
  • Mulden was a character, a real character.
  • But a character as his, is truly very rare.
  • What hold could they get upon such a character as his?
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