A Continuous In A Sentence

How To Use A Continuous In A Sentence?

  • There was not at the time a continuous attendance of clerks at the glass partition.
  • The metal is so pure that it can be refined by a continuous operation in the same furnace.
  • For the first three miles there was a continuous rapid with no opportunity to land.
  • The proceedings in court in every lawsuit are a continuous search for the truth.
  • There will be a continuous revival of the realest sort going on everywhere all the time.
  • A continuous and regular line of stones or bricks in the wall of a building.
  • He sought to give it a continuous impulse with the energy of his enthusiastic nature.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Continuous | A Continuous Sentence

  • Thus we have a continuous cycle.
  • And so on in a continuous yell.
  • Patty did not care for a continuous story.
  • Since then there has been almost a continuous roar.
  • The maintenance of a continuous existence.
  • In place of dancing there was a continuous promenade.
  • It made a continuous and tremendous noise.
  • There is a continuous fascination about this old city.
  • In that case it is a continuous indivisible unit.
  • A moonlight night is a continuous festival.
  • The ambulances were running in a continuous procession.
  • To our left passed a continuous stream of refugees.
  • Truly, life is a continuous compromise.
  • Outwardly his life seems a continuous hurly-burly.
  • The paddle-wheel really acts as a continuous oar.
  • It is a continuous fever, lasting 72 hours.
  • A continuous story of shipping progress and adventure. . .
  • Hard work it was, but to Cameron a continuous delight.
  • Time, past, present, and future, forms a continuous whole.
  • Imagine that all have a continuous covering of a proliferating epithelium.
  • There should be a continuous reduction in the number of agencies.
  • Market street itself is a continuous stretch of display windows.
  • Hence there is no longer any such thing as a continuous line of trenches.
  • Harry had never before heard such a continuous and terrific thunder.
  • Day after day there is a continuous and unbroken chain of mountain scenery.
  • It is not a doctrine of an effete theology but a continuous human experience.
  • The crowds bathing in the sacred river are a continuous spectacle.
  • He intends to treat each country in a continuous series of views.
  • Only a continuous freedom of choice on their part could maintain it.
  • On your own showing your life seems to be a continuous running away.
  • The fiber is tied in a continuous thread and is wound onto a reel.
  • It consists of a continuous or broken blade screw set on a spindle.
  • What would to us be a continuous sound is to them a series of separate blows.
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