A Disability In A Sentence

How To Use A Disability In A Sentence?

  • This is a disability to which rubber treated in artificial driers is not liable.
  • Ben suffered from a disability of his right rear leg which caused him to raise his right haunch spasmodically when moving.
  • It is true, the words of this act do not create a disability; but they clearly and evidently suppose it.
  • It was clearly going to be difficult to express in terms of an electoral law a disability obvious enough in each individual case.
  • But it is not a disability; rather, the great purpose of all our living is to learn love, even though we must experience the pains of love as well as the joys.
  • The "proscribed" are those proscribed by Sulla, their sons being forbidden to hold office, a disability which Cicero maintained for fear of civil disturbances.
  • They believe--they have my authority for believing--that they are suffering from a disability of the eyesight laid upon them by a wicked enchanter, under which they see Princes as--er--pigs.
  • Fendall, accordingly, with one Hatch, was excepted from the general indemnity, and proclamations were issued for their apprehension;--yet, on a subsequent voluntary surrender, he found means to be quits for a short imprisonment, with a disability to vote or hold office;--a lenity not more impolitic in the government, than unmerited by him, as he not long afterwards attempted to excite another rebellion.
  • I now find a great disinclination to work--that is, I am well aware, an expression for a disability."
  • In short, there is nothing that comes nearer in Government to the Divine Perfection, than where the Monarch, as with us, injoys a capacity of doing all the good imaginable to mankind, under a disability to all that is evil."[181:1] This was the constitution which Marvell, whose means of information were great and whose curiosity was insatiable, believed to be in danger.
  • I'm much mistaken--may feel the inequality of his position as a something to overcome, a barrier to be surmounted; not as a disability to contest the prizes of life even with such as Mr. Massingbred."

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Disability | A Disability Sentence

  • A hollow trunk seems scarcely a disability.
  • Would people pity him, or would he irritate them because he had a disability?

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