A Dull In A Sentence

How To Use A Dull In A Sentence?

  • A dull anger welled up within me.
  • The smoke cleared to a dull haze.
  • From the distance there came a dull rumble.
  • It gave out a dull and leaden sound.
  • They jolted him and he uttered a dull groan.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Dull | A Dull Sentence

  • Ida was not a dull girl.
  • There was a dull boom.
  • His had been a dull existence.
  • He was not a dull boy.
  • All at once a dull noise.
  • This has been a dull day.
  • It was a dull and tedious meal.
  • A dull world indeed!
  • Rather a dull day on the whole.
  • Awdrey made a dull reply.
  • She flushed a dull red.
  • It had been a dull day for news.
  • We have had a dull day in bed.
  • It was painted a dull green.
  • That seemed a dull beginning.
  • Foreign wheat had but a dull inquiry.
  • He is a dull and simple provincial.
  • A dull splash followed.
  • Like a dull leaden farthing.
  • A dull and desolate existence?
  • A dull rage was in his heart.
  • He flushed a dull red.
  • The evening was but a dull one.
  • There was not a dull hour in the little town.
  • He went down the hill again in a dull distaste for himself.
  • A dull flush had risen to his face.
  • It would have been a dull dinner but for the earl.
  • It contained a dull orange slime.
  • Olga spoke in a dull lifeless voice.
  • It was a dull place once the sun had set.
  • To-day has evidently been a dull one with him.
  • Next came a dull booming and banging.
  • It was a dull day and there was very little firing.
  • It was by no means a dull journey this time.
  • A dull or wet spell is soon over.
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