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  • It might have been a factory.
  • Like a factory chimney.
  • The conditions will be virtually those of a factory.
  • It is no longer a factory population.
  • He bought a factory and some raw cotton.
  • There shall never be a factory in my settlement.
  • So our worthy citizen starts a factory.
  • No child under 14 may work in a factory.
  • No child under 14 may work in a factory.
  • A factory cheese turned out in small quantities.
  • No child under 14 may work in a factory.
  • But the world cannot become a factory, nor a mine.
  • In Japon they have a factory, without a garrison.
  • In Borneo they have a factory, without a garrison.
  • It's a factory wall.
  • Nor by using it experimentally in such a factory or elsewheres.
  • Its enforcement with the help of a factory list offers no difficulties.
  • Where does a factory girl like you meet men who ride in automobiles?
  • In a factory near the station were found huge quantities of tobacco.
  • He began backing the inventor and looking round for a factory site.
  • The magnate owned a factory building about half a mile from the railroad.
  • The number of hands employed in a factory must progressively diminish.
  • Don't you understand hotel work is just like a factory?
  • A steam-engine in a factory to be supposed to possess a malignant spirit.
  • I've got to spend three years in a factory because of it.
  • It's perfectly useless, my going into a factory.
  • The crucifix itself is nothing, a factory-made piece of sentimentalism.

How To Use A Factory In A Sentence?

  • From the repair shop they developed a factory in which they manufactured bicycles themselves.
  • There is no reason why everything in a factory should not be made as easy to clean as possible.
  • The supports are easily obtained by a visit to a factory where they have a turning lathe.
  • No doubt there is a difference between a seaman on a ship and a factory hand in a factory.
  • Here was a man who had lost both legs in a defective machine he was running in a factory.
  • There she found employment in a factory, and her husband disappeared from her horizon.
  • He was smoking like a factory chimney and his wife was not saying a word in protest.
  • A man can organize his desk very much on the same plan that he would organize a factory.
  • George had heard vaguely that he had worked in a factory, preparing himself for college.
  • It is evident that a factory could be made as healthy and pleasant as a scientific laboratory.
  • The chance for life is greater in an active campaign than in a factory or a coal-mine.
  • I found myself at thirteen being forced into a factory like a rabbit into a chloroformed box.
  • Nor by keeping it in such a factory from the autumn of one year to the harvest of the next year.
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