A Foundation In A Sentence

How To Use A Foundation In A Sentence?

  • In serving as a foundation for other movements it possesses unmeasured potentialities.
  • Bureaucratism demonstrates the limitations of opportunist ideology as a foundation for government.
  • But his belief rests on a foundation that has been altogether renounced by the positivists.
  • He was not a mere plunderer of the people, he was laying a foundation for an empire.
  • But here, with the everlasting hills as a foundation, was a home that had been and should be.
  • In articles of every-day use they prefer curves as a foundation of their ornamentations.
  • He does not build upon a foundation of guesswork, and the structure he erects will stand.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Foundation | A Foundation Sentence

  • But it is and can be no more than a foundation.
  • This gives you a foundation.
  • This is a foundation and a star.
  • On a foundation of 60 stitches.
  • On a foundation of 54 stitches.
  • Your architects build without a foundation.
  • A foundation must be laid somewhere.
  • Begin your netting on a foundation that will divide by 10.
  • The saddle was made with reindeer bones for a foundation.
  • Net a plain row on a foundation the desired length.
  • With this as a foundation many schemes may be carried out.
  • And would you establish ethics on a foundation so mobile?
  • He is going to lay a foundation-stone at Corte.
  • The suggestion held a foundation of conviction for Rainey.
  • Mesh No. 14; a foundation 72 stitches wide.
  • Mesh No. 15, and a foundation of 60 or 70 stitches.
  • Begin on a foundation of 60 stitches, with a mesh No. 15.
  • Usually they have a foundation in some fact or modification.
  • It was apparent that he was laying a foundation before he went any further.
  • It furnishes a foundation on which to build up something better.
  • A religion is necessarily built up on a foundation of metaphor.
  • It furnishes a foundation for an intelligent reading of paper and magazine.
  • Must there not always be a foundation to every grand and towering structure?
  • Yet all these ideas have a foundation in fact, and only a foundation.
  • Thus our mechanical explanation of the living machine lacks a foundation.
  • He wanted to gather all he possibly could as a foundation upon which to build.
  • He laid a foundation of accumulated facts for others to build upon.
  • With that money as a foundation, you would build up a fortune.
  • The mitten must be netted on a foundation of 48 or 50 stitches.
  • Lionel thanked her, but did not build any castles on so flimsy a foundation.
  • Iron has become a foundation upon which every machine-industry alike is built.
  • You might as well expect to build a fine house without a foundation.
  • This will form a foundation large enough for ten or twelve large loads.
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