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How To Use A Four In A Sentence?

  • Contemporaneously with the supper came a four-wheeler with a man and a woman in it.
  • I was now more native to the river than to life in a four-walled room and on street pavements.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Four | A Four Sentence

  • A four-dollar feedle!
  • Put a four-leaved clover over the door.
  • I figure it about a four-hour trip.
  • My client is outside in a four-wheeler.
  • I am the driver of a four-wheeled cab.
  • By and by it might be a four-track road.
  • The subject was a four-year old hunter.
  • His valet followed in a four-wheeler with the luggage.
  • She got into a four-wheeled cab and drove off.
  • A four-pounder fore and a half-pounder haft.
  • A cunning plait which makes a four-square bar.
  • She went candle-lighted up to a four-poster bed.
  • For instance, a four per cent.
  • A four-foot castiron ram was clamped on to the bow.
  • A four-week term is a rather serious matter.
  • At the seventeenth verst pole was a four-man outpost.
  • He had served nearly ten months of a four year sentence.
  • It was a four-square building, each side having a door.
  • The fourth was told in school by a four-year-old girl.
  • I caught a four-pounder on a night-line last week.
  • He wrote a three for (instead of) a four.
  • The title is one in actual use by a four-year-old class.
  • Five and a four! Six and a three!
  • Such a four-party line system is shown in Fig.
  • She held a pair of nines, a four, a three and a Jack.
  • Course, I'm not sellin' him fer a four-year-old.
  • Neither could there have been a four-mule ambulance from elsewhere.
  • Dalrymple couldn't do better than a four.
  • A 'ansom, not a four-wheeler.
  • Make diagram of the circuit of a four-party station with relay.
  • The ancient driver of a four-wheeler had been the witness of the finish.
  • Yet a four-mile gallop across one part of it was most inspiriting.
  • Well, that guy's a four-flush.
  • A four-leaved ornament occupying a circle in tracery or a panel.
  • It seemed impossible that the flying something had been a four-legged animal.
  • They arranged a four-shift watch and passed a peaceful night.
  • He's jest a four-legged horse-hide blunder.
  • They laid a rough floor and raised around this a four foot wainscoating.
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