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  • It must be a fully developed characteristic.
  • He could work in the library and relieve a fully fit man.
  • Twelve times twelve would simply represent a fully completed corporate number.
  • On this occasion the Canton government came forth as a fully civilian regime.
  • With a fully developed idealism, like Plato's, this ought to be still clearer.

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  • The compiler will be delivered with a fully defined subset of formula translation operators.
  • They are either explained, or the want of a fully satisfactory explanation admitted.
  • Let him rest assured that whatever he feels on this point, women feel in a fully equal degree.
  • Then in a body we sallied forth, this time a fully-equipped and well-mounted body of marauders.
  • The weight of a fully grown bull is about 2,000 pounds, and of a cow 1,200 pounds.
  • The last of these verse interruptions is a fully developed Ode on Fallen Babylon.
  • It would be a complete mistake to attribute to him a fully developed and consistent system of idealism.
  • Considering that it is supposed to be a fully-furnished house, that bell made a great deal of noise.
  • Every boy and every girl should stick to his school work until he at least graduates from a fully accredited high school.
  • If you set a fully equipped army in march in order to snatch an advantage, the chances are that you will be too late.
  • He must be advanced and promoted in a definite line of gradual development, in accordance with a fully conceived plan.
  • With one minute as the unit, over-exposure will result in a fully developed image in, say, thirty seconds.
  • Indeed, what between one thing and another, it seemed certain that she would gather a fully armed host of nearly one hundred thousand men.
  • The work had taken a month to perform, and Macquarie promptly sent out a fully equipped party to follow up the discovery.
  • These date from the time when the complete Miracle Play was a fully established annual institution.
  • The Anglo-Saxon race, going together, could determine the balance of power for a fully peopled earth.
  • It is by no means of small importance for a fully matured man to be able to feel veneration to the highest degree for other people whose worth he senses or recognizes.
  • The tornado may be considered as a fully developed or exceptionally energetic thunder-storm, in which a spiral movement is established as in desert whirlwinds.
  • Of course it was not to be expected that Aristotle should work out a fully satisfactory classification of all the varieties of plants and animals known to him.
  • Moreover, the system does not provide representation for minorities, and therefore does not ensure a fully representative character to popularly elected legislative bodies.
  • A conservative summary of the situation seems to justify the belief that measures of compulsion will ultimately form an essential part of a fully developed legal code for the control of syphilis.
  • During all these years the woman is capable of bearing children, because at each month there has been a fully developed ovum, or egg, ready to be fertilized.
  • Whether she was a school-girl or a fully fledged young lady, a child or a woman, might have kept a closer observer than himself much longer in doubt.
  • He filled the horn from the well and drank, but had scarcely taken it from his lips when he saw a fully armed wizard champion advancing to meet him with looks and gestures of angry menace.
  • What security there was, was entirely physical, for it was assumed that anyone allowed near this expensive, arcane hardware would be a fully qualified professional expert.
  • But evolved humanity will pass on in a fully spiritualized state of existence to the Vulcan evolution, a description of which lies beyond the scope of this work.
  • On the one side, a fully developed free personality, which has its origin in a harmonious conception of nature, on the other, blind submission to external force.
  • It is unfortunate that Lincoln did not draw up a fully rounded statement of his own theory regarding this problem, instead of leaving it to be inferred from detached observations and from his actions.
  • Peter toiled, saved his money, and at the end of four years found himself in the possession of a snug little sum of hard cash, and a fully established good name.
  • The religion also comes into view at the early period we have mentioned as a fully-formed and stately public system, whose youthful struggles, if it had any, are long past.
  • Director of Munitions, to the Secretary of War, gives a fully illustrated account of the manufacture of arms, explosives and toxic gases.
  • These shirked none of the requirements of the legalists, but their spirits sought the sunnier nooks of Calvinism, and they preached the joy of the elect and the delight of a fully assured faith.
  • When history opens, "Rome is a fully-formed and united city"; but Rome is made up of several tribes, which maintain many separate institutions.
  • The Finale, Minuetto, Allegretto mosso, is a fully developed movement quite in sonata form, with first part repeated.
  • Not wishing to be tedious, I want to recall that when the war broke out the Confederacy was thoroughly equipped to take its place as a fully organized nation at once.
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