A Funeral In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Funeral | A Funeral Sentence

  • Was there not a funeral?
  • A funeral by the wayside!
  • All were not attired for a funeral.
  • But here all was stiff as at a funeral.
  • We met at a funeral.
  • He had just come from a funeral.
  • There is even a funeral service.
  • Was this a funeral train they were awaiting?
  • With outline vague as of a funeral.
  • I will prepare a funeral pyre.
  • We ought to have had a funeral pyre.
  • He did it as a man goes to a funeral.
  • She had never attended a funeral.
  • You look as solemn as a funeral.
  • Such a funeral as his has seldom been witnessed.
  • Expected home with a funeral soon.
  • That called fer a funeral.
  • Evidently her foresight has saved me a funeral.
  • To dream of a funeral means a wedding.
  • To dream of marriage is a sign of a funeral.
  • It was unusual for a woman to be seen at a funeral.
  • One great expense of a funeral was the gloves.
  • If that were so we should laugh whenever we saw a funeral.
  • To meet a funeral is bad luck.
  • A ceremony held about a year after a funeral.
  • Since the world began no one had seen such a funeral.
  • Now at last her chance for planning a funeral had come.
  • Full speed could not be the pace for a funeral load.
  • It would be well to have a funeral service held.
  • It resembled a parish priest going to a funeral.
  • Instead of happiness, you come like with a funeral.
  • Not even a funeral oration, eh?
  • It is a bad sign to drive past a funeral procession.
  • If you meet a funeral train, it is a sign of death.
  • In the morning a funeral of two small children passed us.

How To Use A Funeral In A Sentence?

  • On Saturday, a funeral service.
  • I felt somehow as though I were at a funeral.
  • At first I thought there must have been a funeral.
  • Well, I never saw so grand a funeral.
  • A funeral procession, bound for the graveyard at Wayfleet.
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